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Bees of Diamond J Farms

We now have honey Bees. I never even thought about having bees, especially since I'm not so brave around stinging insects. But, once my Fruit Tree project started picking up, I decided that I needed to be sure they get pollinated. So, now I have bees... and, Yes, they are pretty scary. Luckily, I have a bee suit for when I have to work them, and otherwise, we leave each other alone.

Here are my Bee Hives!

Bee Hives

My Dad and Grandfather built them for me. (in April of 2010). These are Top Bar Hives. I chose these, as they require far less maintenance than the regular square block type hive most people have. I can harvest honey from these, if I want, but I can also just leave them alone to live happy and pollinate my trees. They have really cool windows on the side, so I can check on my bees whenever I want, without having to suit up.
Here are some photos taken through the windows. (the view is far more clear than these)
bees bees bees bees bees

I got two packages of bees from R. Weaver Apiaries, but one moved out within a couple days. So I joined the Fort Bend Beekeepers Association, and met a great guy named Jack Richardson, who help restock my vacant hive with a swarm. My Swarm hive is catching up with my Package hive, and soon I'll have two full hives of happy bees.

Here are some cool photos I've taken:
bees bees bees bees bees bees

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